How To Play

  1. Go to the lobby and tap the contest you wish to join. If you are joining a private contest, enter the code provided by the contest host.

  2. Tap the appropriate button on the Pick screen to predict the next result. Pick carefully, you can only change your pick twice per contest (tap button twice to unlock and re-pick). The total number of participants to enter a given prediction are indicated by the circled text on the button.

  3. When all picks are locked (shortly before the next play), watch or listen to the game for the next result.

  4. Correct predictions receive the number of points indicated on the right side of each button. Total points are updated accordingly in the screen header (large number) and leaderboard (tap the word Leaderboard above the Pick buttons to view). To view all game results, tap the word Results above the buttons. To return to the Pick screen, tap the word Pick.

  5. Repeat Step 2 until the end of the contest (every 3 innings for baseball, every quarter for football). Contests do not include extra innings or overtime.

  6. At the end of the contest, the player with the most points is declared Micro Fantasy Champion. The champion is recognized in the app and via email.

  7. Prizes may be awarded to in-stadium contest champions by participating teams. Listen for PA announcements for details.

  8. At contest conclusion, all participants will automatically be entered in the next contest for that game. Select No Thanks if you no longer wish to participate.